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Celebrating learning

We warmly invite you to participate in a one-day symposium on 1 June 2019 (Saturday) at HKBU.  The theme is Confluence: An ensemble of ELT pedagogies.  The symposium is a wonderful platform for participants to share pedagogical ideas, to disseminate ELT research findings, and to celebrate teacher professional learning.  It also presents you with a precious opportunity to establish networks in the TESOL community.

An ensemble of pedagogies 

The symposium features two kinds of presentations: lesson demonstrations and classroom research presentations. They are delivered by student teachers, experienced teachers and teacher educators from and beyond Hong Kong.


A lesson demonstration (30 minutes) enables teachers to share an actual lesson with learning materials and samples of their students’ work.  It may be a rewarding lesson that the presenter has previously carried out, or a try-out lesson for exploring a teaching idea.  During the demonstration, the presenter will exemplify the lesson steps and rationales through mock teaching, highlight areas that can be adopted and adapted by other teachers, and illustrate the materials used. 

A classroom research presentation (20 minutes) is intended for participants with an interest in practice-oriented research that informs ELT pedagogies.  During the presentation, the presenter will introduce the background and methodological approach to the research, highlight relevant findings, and discuss their implications for classroom practice.

A wide range of ELT topics will be featured in these talks.  Major skill areas include the teaching of listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar, as well as the use of modern technology, text types, language arts activities and games to activate English language learning.

Thank you for participating in this event.

For general enquiries, contact

CoP Head Start at

Fiona Cheung (AAB838) at

3411 7762.

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